New look and a new start

As much as I've enjoyed my many years hand coding websites and then writing my own content management systems, it's not really the sort of code I want to write these days. I'd rather be writing iOS Swift.

The fact is I will never port the content over. Way back in in my youth I would move over my conten between hand coded html templates but I'm older and have better things to do with my time. My last iteration was the closest to having something portable. All my content was in John Gruber's markdown but I don't want to worry about databases or security for something like this so that content is likely going to be flushed rather than extracted and pasted into Pelican compatible markdown files.

There are many other nice upsides to doing things this way. My site is very portable now, dead easy to back up and there are a wealth of tools I can use on various formats to produce the content I want. The last point is largelt true however it's done but I quite like that I could, as an example write my content in Bear and it's automatically backed up and can be exported to the format I want with nearly zero effort.

It feels more like the web used to be this way rather than being an overly complicated mess of bad languages and duplication of effort.