iOS Alternate App icons for iPad

If you’ve run across this article there’s a fair chance you might be looking to implement an alternate App icon for your iOS app. You’ll run across many tutorials that tell you how to do it and they work perfectly fine for the iPhone.

However, it turns out they don’t work for the iPad and many don’t mention this. One explain is Steven Troughton Smith’s example on github. Now, this it not to single him out, his example is very good but I’m highlighting it as I’ve made a PR against it which hopefully will make it a more complete example. Assuming I've not made any mistakes myself!

Anyway, the issue is around the Info.plist file. You’ll often see an example like the above which work perfectly for iPhone.

It’s very simple. Just copy and paste the CFBundleIcons section and rename it to CFBundleIcons\~ipad . See this commit on my own branch.

Note, I’m not sure the CFBundlePrimaryIcon is actually needed but I was lazy and left it in the iPad’s copy and it still works so I believe either scenario is fine.