Long-time cold-brew coffee newbie

I have been making cold-brew coffee for many years and even went through the effort of creating a log of different kinds of coffee to determine what I like, and it’s affected by brew time. Despite this, I think I’ve only just realised how I can consistently make good cold brew coffee.

It makes sense when you think about it but, the tldr is simply brewing your coffee at room temperature or maybe even in the sun just like iced tea works very well. Then, after 8 or more hours (I aim for about 10 to 12), put it in the refrigerator, so it will be chilled on the next day.

I first learned how to make cold-brew by preparing it and putting it straight into the refrigerator. This can certainly work and, I need to try some other coffee flavours, but it may allow some flavours to come through better. I mix my coffee with some decaf and my current decaf is less than ideal, so its flavour overwhelms everything.

However, by doing it that way, it seemed more sensitive to timing to avoid coming out and tasting like water or something worse. It would also come out looking more clear.

The room temperature brew has better colouring and has had better consistency in the taste. So, I’m looking forward to getting a good decaf coffee and some other caffeinated coffee flavours and trying those with the room temperature cold-brew method.